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    Hello friends,

    First & foremost, Welcome to Ultracraft!!

    UltraCraft is such a diverse, fascinating, and fun community full of members of all ages. Everyone is so welcoming and helpful here - you have come to the right server! I can't wait for you to experience all of it and meet everyone on your own! We have such an extremely kind & generous community - you can approach any member and ask a question if you get lost or stuck on something. Our staff and members will always have an answer or point you in the right direction, so don't be afraid or shy to ask questions!

    First let's go over some basics to get your started and attempt to clear up most of the questions you may have about the server.

    Rules can be found at /rules, /warp spawn or here on the website.

    You can always mail staff here at the website/forum and also in game (but the response may not be as quick depending on our playtimes). To send mail in game - /mail send [player's name]. Also, some staff members have "offices" throughout Hogwarts. Go adventuring - find our offices. Most of us have mailboxes there too if you want to leave us a note or gift.

    As you might have already figured out, our currency here at UltraCraft is in Galleons. To see the balance of Galleons that you have, you can type /money.

    Voting is your key to helping you out in the beginning! (and well anytime really!) How can you not take advantage of such an opportunity?!? Vote daily for in-game rewards! Receive $2,500 per vote and a key that can use used at /warp keys. Voting helps not only you out, but also helps out the server! Also, each vote enters you for the top Voters of the Month Contest!

    You can vote daily at the links below:


    Minecraft Forum


    MC Index

    Minecraft Server List

    Minecraft Servers List

    Minecraft Servers

    That's $17,500 Galleons a day!! Plus the goodies you get from the crates!

    Some helpful information:


    New players will spawn in a new tutorial area. If you wish to view this you can do /warp spawn.
    /spawn will bring you to the main spawn at Hogwarts. From there you can visit the portals to the mining world, etc. or you can begin your journey around the castle.
    /warp shops will bring you to Hogsmeade aka the player shopping district.
    /warp diagon will take you to Diagon Alley where you can purchase other, more expensive items.
    /warp wands will take you to Ollivanders wand shop where you can get your very own wand!
    /warp jobs will bring you to the new destination for the jobs board.
    /warp mining, /warp wild, /warp nether and /warp end will bring you those worlds respectively.


    Student: Rank that everyone starts out with.
    Royal Mage
    Wizard Saint
    Last in-game rank that can obtained not including donator ranks.

    Staff Ranks

    Groundskeeper: (GR) Intern
    Prefect: (Pre) Chat Mod
    Engineer/Builder: (Engineer) Builder
    Professor: (Pro) Professors
    Mod: (Mod) Moderator
    Headmaster: (Admin) Admin
    Headmistress: (Owner) Owner

    Using a Town to Your Advantage

    Towns can be quite advantageous for you for starting out. Most towns have information and resources that will help you gain items, either for building a wild home/base, or items you want to sell, or if you want to make your town home your primary home too.

    To find a town, the best thing to do is ask in chat. Some towns have created warps at /warps - here you will see a list of warps. Feel free to explore & find what you need.

    This new town system is fairly new, and a lot of towns are working on becoming established again. Many towns have:
    • Crops and animal farms where you can harvest resources freely - be sure to replant!​
    • Secure plots that are managed by town staff. (don't worry, no one goes through your chests & stuff!)​
    • Town halls and other buildings with amenities to help you out - enchanting rooms, alchemy labs, etc.​
    • Shops where you can buy and/or sell items (Want a shop of your own? contact the town staff!).​
    • Spawners and grinders can be very useful in obtaining mob drops and xp.​

    Ask the town mayors (owners) for more information and if you are interested in joining them, let them know.

    Warps cost 500,000 Galleons, and players may only own one warp each.

    For our new players such as yourself, we have an option that will allow you to rent out a bed/single chest for $50 Galleons in your corresponding house common room. This will let you have a place to store some items while you work towards getting money, finding land/town and getting settled. Ask a staff member for help if you would like a room!

    You can also live in the wilderness world & create your own private base there. To find land in the wilderness type /warp wild to head there. TIP: Be sure to use your golden shovel to claim your land and protect it from being robbed or griefed. Golden Shovels are sold at /warp shops.

    Please note: The wilderness world is NOT a mining world - do NOT collect resources here.

    Please note: You must remain active on the server to keep your land and belongings - please remember to sign in at least once every 2 months!

    Our server also has backpacks. Your backpack size will grow as you rank up in-game.


    For materials that you need to begin your UltraCraft journey, I recommend traveling to the mining world if you did not join a town. Type /warp mining. Please note: The mining, nether and end worlds RESET every 2 months. DO NOT make permanent homes in these lands or you will lose everything!

    Random TP: Some people do not know this but our server has a random teleport in the mining or wilderness worlds, type /rtp while in those worlds if you want a surprise adventure!

    Some towns have shops, but also we have a server shop at /warp shops - you will see the Hogsmeade Shop District where you can buy & sell materials.

    Making Money

    Making money is often something that could be bewildering to our new users. Really, it's a simple process. Be sure to select some /jobs. You may have up to three types at the same time. My suggestion always is, pick things you LIKE to do. Liking what you do makes the process so much more fun & enjoyable - you will do it more & make more money in the end. As previously mentioned, you can sell your items at the shops, you can also sell them on the Auction House. Type /ah in game to see that. There is an in game guide as well explaining the ah.

    TIP: To find out what an item sells for or what it's worth is, ask a trusted member of the community, staff person, or take a look around the shops within the server for pricing. You want to be aware of prices before you start buying things up so you don't get scammed or ripped off.


    McMMO can be a huge advantage to the player in just about every action they perform, and should never be disregarded. If you would like to learn more about McMmo and leveling your skills check out the following links.

    Communicating at UltraCraft

    /tell or /msg [playername] is used in game to start a private conversation with another player. Other players cannot see these messages; they are private between you and the player you are speaking to. Please note: your private conversations may be accessed by Staff members so make sure you follow server rules.

    **Note: If someone is bothering you, and you do not want to see their messages anymore, you can ignore the player with the command /ignore [playername] (use /unignore [playername] to unignore players). Be sure to let our Staff know if someone is breaking rules, you can do so by reporting the player on the website.

    To send mail in game to a player that might be offline, type /mail send [player's name]


    Come voice chat & hang out with friends! On the main page of our website you will see the Discord info - as well as who is online at the moment.

    You can also click here for access --> Invite link for UltraCraft Discord

    Happy Exploring!

    Thanks so much for joining UltraCraft! We hope you really like it here, have a lot of fun, make new friends & make this your Minecraft home with us!​
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