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    Salutions and good morrow lads and lassies. It seems you’ve accidentally entered in the private world of one who works “behind the curtain,” known as a Developer. These sui generis creatures are responsable for all of the magic we see around us. This one in particular studies at a university, learning the secrets of our universe. Following the preliminry studies, this specimen will attend something known as “post-graduate school,” a place where dreams come alive. What do Developers study I hear you all asking? Well they study the interaction of all things in this mystical universe, known to some as “Technology of Information.” Developer’s ages range from 9 to 99, but they reach their peak at 21, like this individual you see here. Developers are infamous for their sudden outbursts of sass, and this one is no exception. What is this developer’s uniquie identifier? 084-121-108-101-114-013-010-013-010; known as Tyler for short.

    Ultrawarts House: Intelligence, Wit, Wisdom, Creativity : Ravenclaw (What else would a dev be?)
    Favorite Magical Subject: Transfiguration
    Hobbies: Gaming, Story writing / D&D, Programming, Magic, Singing.
    What’s your wand made of? Sycamore with a dragon heartstring core, 13 1/3" and Standard flexibility.
    What would your Boggart be? Young children.
    What is in your Room of Requirement? My computer.
    What magical career would you choose? Spellcrafter.
    What would your Animagnus be? A panther.
    What would your animal companion be? A cat.​
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