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    Hey guys, Tiqav here, or some of you may know me as Max. I am currently a 16-years old, born in Lviv, Ukraine. 9 months after being born my family decided to look for new and better opportunities, my father was offered a job in Toronto, Canada, where we came and have been living for the past 15 years. I am now a student in high school, not really knowing what I want to pursue in the future just because too many things are out there, and this is a very big choice as it sticks with you and is the deal breaker between a good and bad time in the future.

    I’ve been playing Minecraft since it’s release in 2009, where I was a young child in gr.4, my friend introduced me to it and I was in love ever since. I joined some fantastic servers but none of them have stuck out like Ultracraft. After being followed by Ultracraft on Twitter I decided to check it out, and boy was I glad I did. Although small, it really is a beautiful, friendly and just an all around amazing server where I met some valuable players and friends and have been given an amazing opportunity to support this great community.

    Ultrawarts House: Ravenclaw

    Hobbies: Dance (part of a Ukrainian folk dancing ensemble), Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, Hockey, Baseball, Reading, Music, and best of all Minecraft.

    Favorite Magical Subject: Apparition

    What’s your wand made of? Holly Wand with Unicorn Hair core

    What would your boggart be? Loneliness

    What is in your room of requirement? A quick computer with it’s own mind alongside quick internet, a trampoline, all the food I would ever need, a magical closet with any clothes needed, a comfy bed with a nice seating area and TV, my favorite music, and a German Shepherd of course.

    What magical career would you choose? mediwizard

    What would your Animagus be? Owl​
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