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    Hey guys! My names Prisila Lee. I am 21 years old and live in the big state of Texas! I love Minecraft and have been playing since August 2016. My hobbies include building, cooking, and binge watching Netflix. Haha! I like to bake and decorate. I'm a huge unicorn enthusiast:p I even have a cute unicorn afk house on the server! I like to build many different things I don't really have a "type". If you ever see me online don't be scared to say hello! I love UC and hope you grow to love it too!:cool:

    Ultrawarts house: Hufflepuff
    Hobbies: Baking, Netflix, reading, singing, and building on Minecraft
    Favorite magical subject: Charms
    Whats your wand Made of?: Spruce Wood with a Dragon heartstring core. 12.5 inch
    What would your Boggart be?: Poisonous snake
    What is in your Room of requirement?: Laptop, a puppy, my loved ones, and an oven with things to bake for us!
    What magical carreer would you choose?: Professor
    What would your animagus be?: Unicorn :D
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