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    Welcome to the Subete Co. Information Thread

    Subete Co. is the largest retail chain on the server, comprising of 4+ stores in 3 countries, including locations in The United Kingdom (UK), Kailua, and the Empire of Altaer (UEA)
    Subete locations sell a large variety of items, ranging from concrete and wood, to mob drops and banners. However, location sizes do vary so some locations may be bigger and have more items than some of our minor locations. Below is a list of our current locations.
    Subete Hogsmeade, UK - Largest Subete store, with 3 stories full of anything one could want from a wall of end goodies, to a colorful display of concrete and clays, to wood, kits, and more!

    Subete Diagon Alley, UK - Hidden away in Knockturn Alley is a comfy and compact Subete outlet. While not as big as some of our other British locations, this higher end store is sure to delight!

    Subete Express Kailua, Kailua - This small stand on the Kailua Docks provides a healthy amount of supplies for homebuyers to decorate their homes. Also sold are exclusive tool kits and fishing rods. (/warp Kailua)

    Subete Hargeon, UEA - Subete Hargeon is a moderately sized store in the heart of the densely packed Pointe Hargeon shopping district. This store offers a large amount of items similar to our Hogsmeade location, and is the best stocked! (/warp Hargeon)

    Subete Ayshda, UEA - Subete location coming soon to Ayshda in the Empire of Altaer, 2017. (/warp Hargeon)

    Subete Royal District, Coelos, UEA
    - Subete location coming soon to the Royal District in Coelos, in the Empire of Altaer, 2017. (/warp Hargeon)

    Subete Corporation is a company of the Department of Commerce, Empire of Altaer. All locations are therefore property of the crown and subject to imperial jurisdiction.

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