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    With help, I found the library and explored everywhere throughout it. It's amazing and wonderful. I then thought of an idea for it, maybe there could be books in the library. Textbooks, lore books, or books written by students & professors. This seemed like a lot of work to do all of this so I also thought of a Librarian rank that somebody could have. The Librarian would have to go in the library everyday and refill the books, approve of the books written by other people for the library, help people find the books they need, and just make sure everything's well in the Library.
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    For one, the library could use some work. The castle is a very large building and there's a lot of rooms and secret entrances and slowly, with time, we're able to kinda revamp and spruce up these rooms and the library, honestly is one of them but thank you for the kind message.

    I do like the idea and the concept especially since I know some players who like writing books and stories, etc. but I don't think I would make it into a rank per say. I would most likely add a suffix to those who would like to be a librarian and even then I'm not 100% sure how much it would be utilized.

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