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Discussion in 'Server Talk' started by gamergirlxo, Oct 24, 2017.

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    Hey guys! Over the last few years I've had some players ask how we choose our staff team and I thought it'd be helpful that I go through that process or my/our thought process.

    Who decides?
    All current staff members. I first take a look at the application. I then ask the other admins their opinions. We discuss it a little and then if we need more opinions, feedback, I'll ask the rest of the staff.

    How do you decide?
    There's a few things that go into the decision making process. We take into consideration the following:
    + Playtime - how often are you on the server and how long does that playtime last i.e. 1 month, 6 months, 2 hours, etc.
    + How long they've been on the server - the longer you've been on the server, the better. That shows to us that you're dedicated to the server and have stuck around long enough to know how things work.
    + Activity on the forums - activity on the forums is important. It shows that you're able and willing to communicate with the community outside of the game and stay connected in another form.
    + Behavior/attitude in-game - this is probably the biggest thing we pay attention to. How do you act in-game? Is there anything that makes us suspicious of you such as off the wall comments, etc.? Do you follow the rules at all times and make it a mission to help remind others of the rules?
    + Willingness to work and help out both staff and players - Do you help out new players and old players? Help by building or collecting materials for players, answering questions and just in general, interacting with players?

    What do you look for specifically?
    We look for all of these traits but we understand that not all of our candidates will have all of these traits.

    + Maturity and level-headedness. There is no age limit for staff, but we do expect everyone to have a certain level of maturity.
    + Dedication to the community. This doesn't mean how much you've donated or how much time you've spent in-game but rather how your dedication has been consistent in helping to see the server grow and improve.
    + Activity on the forums. Quality posts. Not spamming.
    + Good attitude.
    + Has an active presence in chat.
    + Team player.
    + Can take criticism well. (Doesn't throw a fit if they don't get picked.)

    Why do you only promote donators?
    This has been asked before and I've gone back and forth between what is required and what isn't. As of now, donation does not play a factor in whether someone will become staff or not. In the past, I have, for a brief moment, made it a requirement that players be donators or at least donate at least $1 but I've gone back on that. Those who donate show their dedication in that regard and are more likely to stick around and be involved in the community, etc. since they've put some monetary contribution into it however I know that not everyone can donate.

    While I still do believe, in some regard, that donators make good candidates as it shows their dedication in that monetary form it's not a guarantee that someone will become staff. One person could be a donator but be the biggest jerk of them all....that doesn't mean they'll be staff. They have to have the other qualities as well and if it just so happens they're a donator then that's that. Hopefully that makes sense.

    Hopefully this shines some light on the groundskeeper/staff process. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!
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