Closed Herbology Class Run Through: August 26

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    Attention Students!
    On August 26, 2017 we will be hosting our second Ultracraft class. This will be a test run for our professors and for students/players to get insight into how these classes will be ran.

    Class Information:
    +Subject: Herbology
    +Lesson: Mandrakes
    +Where: Greenhouses - warp will be placed as we get closer to class time
    +Do You need to bring anything? - Nope! Just your brains!
    +Time(s): 3 PM MST What time is that for me!?

    We'd love for you to attend. If you are in attendance you will get a few things for participating:
    + Professors head of your choice - 1 per player. Professors currently are Meepdoodles, Katie1011, Wintertymor & Crestfallenbane.
    + A 10K Golden Shovel that can be redeemed for claim blocks.
    + Double McMMO XP and Fly will be enabled for the ENTIRE weekend.

    Rules for class:
    + All server rules apply.
    + Please stay seated at all times. If you cannot remain seated you will be asked (or forced) to leave class without a choice of professor head or claim shovel.
    + Keep all questions and comments class-related and appropriate.
    + Make sure your name is written in your book. (You will be provided with an assignment).
    + Always respect staff and students alike.

    We hope to see you there!
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