Halloween/October 2017: Candy, keys & more!

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    Happy October Ultracrafters!

    Boy, do we have some fun, interesting things happening for October!

    We'll start simple. First change for October will be a Halloween texture pack. When joining the server, you will be prompted whether you'd like to download/use the texture pack or not. You are not required to use it but it may help you get into the halloween/fall/October vibes!

    Now, let's talk candy, shall we?

    If you're new to the server this year then this will be new to you but for you oldie but goodies, this year we will be bringing back the candy/halloween skulls that we did last year. I'll explain.

    Starting today and running through the month you will have a chance of getting a "halloween" key in the voting crate. Use that key at /warp halloween and you'll get some form of "candy". Collect that candy. That candy will be used to redeem for a Halloween skull. There's also a chance of getting a "head" pass - this item is redeemable for ANY skull of your choice. When you have the required candy for the skull of your choice, speak to a staff member - we'll trade in the candy for that skull! Will you be able to collect them all?

    If no staff member is online at the time you want to turn in your candy, you can leave your requests down in the comments and a staff member will get to it when we can.

    Skull requests:
    Coordinates of where candy can be found to trade in for skull (we will swap the candy for the skull):

    If you wish to help the server out, these skulls (all) will be available for donation as well. More about that can be found on our donation store page.

    Here will be the skull list/prices for the skulls:
    3 Cinnamon Candy - Treats and Sweets, Scream Cheese, The Great Pumpkin
    6 Blueberry - Wacko The Zombie, Halloweentown Pumpkin, Cheshire Cat, Wicked Brew
    9 Green Apple - Boom Spooky, Casper, The Phantom, Murry the Mummy, Pig Frost
    12 Candy Floss - Rainbow Dash, Dracula, Bonejangles, DEATH, Rag Boy, The Grudge
    15 Grass - Ogre, Captain Gooley, Clownie, Freddy, Spooderman, Green Goblin, Jason
    18 Soap - The Mummy, Nyan Kat, Sully the Skully, The Dark Kovor, Gill from Kim Possible, Hue-man, Flop Spider, Low Budget IT
    30 Dirt - The Mask & Zombie Mozart
    35 Black Pepper - Little Green Man, Candy Popcorn, The Walking Dead, Jigsaw
    40 Rotten Egg - FrankEinstein, Lamebrain, IT

    For this post, I'll leave it at that but all throughout the month we'll be having various contests and such so make sure you're checking in on the site as much as possible and our Discord.

    Happy October!
    -UC Team​
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