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    Hello Ultracrafters!

    Hard to believe it's December but here we are. Last year our advent idea went over really well so I thought we would bring it back and doing it again this year.

    So what is it? Each day (at midnight MST) a new advent day/chest will become available at spawn under the Christmas tree. Inside the chest will be goodies. As we go through the month, the goodies will get better and better leading up to Christmas day! Items can range from keys, tools, skulls, vouchers and more!

    What's the point in doing this if we're soon going to be losing everything and overhauling the server? Well, just because we're overhauling the server doesn't mean we can't not make the best of what we have now and get involved in festive events. Also, if you decide to have a build transferred over to the new server, these advent items can be included in that (just make sure that it's included in whatever you want moved; more about that will come later as we get closer to the transfer).


    Christmas Sale!
    For the first half of December, everything in the donation store will be 25% off. For the later half of the month, everything in the donation store will become 35% off! Just keep tabs on the donation store. :D


    Website background
    I am aware that the background on the website is still showing a summer themed background. I have contacted the artist/business that makes them and he's had a few set backs that have made his customer service not the greatest. I am not pleased and I am getting quite frustrated. If I can't get anything from him (like I usually can) I'll have to change it myself. Either way, just know I'm aware of that.


    Seasonal/Christmas/Festive/Holiday Skulls
    Seasonal/Christmas skulls will be added to the donation store that will be up for the 25% off as well! I will be adding certain Christmas/festive skulls to the Donation store some time tonight or tomorrow night since the skulls seem to do pretty well with donators.


    Festive Events
    Throughout the month we will be having festive events that will allow you to win prizes throughout. We will be having a Christmas tree decorating contest (similar to our easter egg/pumpkin decorating contests) and more about that will be coming in the next few days.


    Overhaul information
    I have been pretty busy with work and school and when I get home from work, I'm just looking to relax so overhaul is still going forward but the work on it will be slower than it was especially now with the holidays. We are looking at the beginning of the year/possibly mid-January but that can change. However, as I said, we are still planning on going ahead with the overhaul so please keep that in mind.

    I think that's all I need to update you all on for the time being. More information will be posted throughout the month about events and other special stuff so keep a look out!

    Happy December!

    -UC Staff ​
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