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Discussion in 'Catalog' started by gamergirlxo, Aug 18, 2017.

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    Hello Ultracrafters!

    Due to a suggestion by your fellow Crafter Adude1134, we are making a change to how the Catalog World will function. As of August 14, 2017, there will now be a possibility of you getting paid for one of your builds.

    Here’s how it works:

    - First warp to the Catalog World using /warp catalog and claim an empty plot with /plots claim. Empty plots are outlined by Stone Slab’s.

    - As before, each plot costs $100k with a maximum of 4 plots.

    - Empty plots are outlined by Stone Slab’s. When properly claimed, the plot outline will turn from Stone Slab’s to Sandstone Slab’s and you will be able to build in your plot in creative mode.

    - Then build something! Something large or something small. A house; a boat, or a contraption. Whatever you can think of. Get creative.

    - When you are done with your build, let an Admin know via in game or a mail message. Let them know roughly where it is located and what it is so they can find it.

    - They will look at it and determine if it’s something the server would like to buy from you to add to its catalog. Please remember they have the final say and arguing with them about whether it should be included in the catalog will not only make it less likely that it will get purchased, but it is also against the rules.

    - If they decide it is something the server would like to purchase, you will get paid $$$ for your build! After your plot has been purchased and you wish to make another one, we will provide you with a new plot to make more awesome creations!

    - If they decide it is not something the server would like, they will let you know and you can begin building your next fantastic creation, however you would like.

    - When purchased, the new catalog plot will be priced and outlined with quartz slabs indicating it is available for purchase from the Ultra-catalog.

    So put your creative thinking caps on and get ready to build some nice looking, creative builds.

    -Written by Redbear47

    If you have any questions about this new update, please don't hesitate to ask and thank you Adude for the suggestion!​
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