9/24/17 - 1.12.2 Update!

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    Hello Ultracrafters!

    I am pleased to announced that you may now connect to Ultracraft using 1.12.2! That's the biggest thing with this update for the most part. We made a few other changes though:

    - /buy works again - it wasn't working properly before.
    - Because of this, previously, Buycraft (or donation plugin) wasn't installed correctly and therefore donations weren't going through automatically like they should have been. Therefore now when a donator gets online, the items will then go through automatically (using commands) like they were suppose to. So, if you are online and you get random keys or something of that nature, you may keep the items you're given as this was 100% my fault and something that wasn't working properly on our end. Take it as a thank you, happy fall, "sorry" type thing. haha.
    - we updated wands to the newest update which is version 1.0.1. Here are the important things you should know about the new update:
    • Updated to 1.12.2
    • Player files are now stored on a MySQL database, cached as YML files when a player joins, then saved to the database and the YML files deleted when a player leaves.
    • If the server is shut down manually/automatically, the YML files aren’t deleted automatically. Instead, the next time the server starts up, the data is saved then YML files deleted. This is done for a couple of reasons, mainly not to keep the system running if there is an error in some way.
    • This is a system that makes it much easier to view, get information about, and backup data.
    • Wands are now objects (easier to create new wands).
    • Spells now have partial object support (creating and clicking blocks), majority of spells converted to use this system.
    • Various other bug, performance, organizational fixes, this makes up 80% of the update, not including what is outlined here.
    Inventories / GUI:
    • Main menu and admin inventories have a different layout.
    • Main menu “Seeing Eye” ender eye name has been changed to “Spells.”
    • Main menu title changed from “Wands Settings” to “Main Menu.”
    • In General
      • You should now only be getting one error message when right clicking a block near a sign.
      • You should no longer be getting an error message if you try to cast a spell on a block with a sign 2 spaces away.
      • You should now only be getting one hint message when right clicking Ollivander without a token equipped.
      • Attempting to cast a spell while not on cooldown will now set your cooldown, regardless if the spell is casted successfully. If you are on cooldown, you won't be reset (can still hold down right mouse button to cast a spell immediately when your cooldown is finished).
    • Ignis:
      • Ignis's particle effect for right clicking a block has been changed to smoke (originally explosion particle).
      • Casting Ignis while right clicking a block will behave exactly like a fire charge (fire can be placed on the side of flammable block; i.e. wood, planks).
    • Pulpitum:
      • Pulpitum now creates cloud particles upon casting.
      • Sound for Pulpitum and Exsarcio has been modified slightly.
    • Levis:
      • Right-clicking a barrier block with Levis bound will no longer shoot a projectile after removing the barrier block.
      • Levis now displays a black particle effect around a torch if it couldn't be casted (block where torch/barrier would have been placed)
    • Aqua:
      • Aqua has a new sound on casting.
    • Segmentum:
      • Segmentum will now display the proper particle effect when right clicking a block of wool.
    • Ianua:
      • Ianua now has a different particle trail, sound and particle on success.
    • If your last spell is taken away when you're not holding your wand, the "none" tag will be removed upon right clicking with the wand equipped. If your wand currently has the "none" tag, right click with it to remove it.
    • When generating a wand (typically via Ollivander), there are new rarity messages outlining the percent chance of getting the core you have obtained.
    • If a player does /wands <something> and the <something> is invalid it will now tell the player.
    If there are ANY bugs or anything you find with wands, 1.12.2 update or anything else, please let me or another staff member and we will look into it ASAP!

    -UC Team
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